Mark Balma is a master painter who incorporates techniques of the early Renaissance into timeless portraits, fresco murals and studio works. His studio works reflect a diversity of images, including spiritual and classical themes, social commentaries, landscapes and still lifes.

His portraits include four U.S. Presidents, European Heads of State, Business Executives, Music and Cultural Celebrities, as well as Private Individuals. Two paintings in the Vatican’s permanent collection, Rome, Italy. His fresco murals can be found in the Museum of Spiritual Art, Assisi, Italy, the Cathedral of Saint Paul, Saint Paul, Minnesota and the University of St. Thomas Minneapolis Campus, Minnesota.



In his drawings, paintings, and fresco murals, Mark Balma applies old-world painting techniques to contemporary topics. He captures the soul of his subjects and expresses qualities that go beyond realism and into the realm of the spirit.

As a painter, Balma incorporates the techniques of Leonardo da Vinci and carries forth the tradition of portraiture as practiced by the early Italian masters and his teacher and mentor, famed 20th-century Italian painter Pietro Annigoni.



“For as long as I can remember, I have drawn people, ­no space ships, trees or animals. It was always people who inspired me.”

Mark Balma was born in Wichita, Kansas. He studied in the academic Tradition of drawing and painting at Atelier Lack in Minneapolis, MN, until leaving for Italy at age nineteen to study with  Maestro Pietro Annigoni in Florence, Italy.

He works in egg tempera, watercolor, oil, and fresco and has maintained studios in Florence, Italy, Assisi, Italy, London, England and Minnesota, USA.  His mastery of drawing is expressed in etchings, stone lithography, and drawings in pencil, ink and red chalk.

The subjects for his portraiture include children, adults, family groups, and official portraits for business and government.   Works have been exhibited in Europe and America and are in both private and public collections.

Mark Balma is considered a metaphysical realist, one who paints beyond the reality of the subject toward the spiritual.

He creates works in an early Renaissance technique pioneered by Leonardo da Vinci.  The oil paintings are composed of many layers of hand-ground paint superimposed upon each other in a secret mixture of essential oils and resin. The result is an exceptional depth and richness of color that complements the soul and character of the painting.



Wichita, Kansas, 1957


Armstrong Sr. High, 1973-1976.

Atelier Lack, 1974-1976.

Atelier Childs/Mairs 1976-1979.

Individual instruction with Pietro Annigoni, Florence, Italy 1981-1982. (Studied fresco and portraiture)


Two consecutive yearly grants Elizabeth T. Greenshields Foundation, 1977-78

Museums Collections:

Museo Vaticano, The Vatican. Francis and the Pardon, tempera on canvas.

Museo Poldi Pezolli, Milan, Italy, La Signora Vaselli, oil on canvas.


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